At Ziering & Weiss the main thrust of our practice has always been takeing care of our clients by shielding them as much as possible from the emotional, legal and economic pitfalls of at the core of how divorce and family law works in Illinois. Of course, every case is different; however, this fact does not alter our core philosophy.

1) We try our own cases -- you will never come to court to find a substitute attorney whom you have never met and who is unfamiliar with your case.

2) We believe in simplicity -- Divorce law is complex, especially in Illinois -- We have taken on the large firms and beaten them by, among other tactics, preventing them as much as possible from inflating their billing and wasting our time with extraneous actions and delaying tactics.

3) We strive to remain affordable -- there are hard costs of course, but there are also tactics that drive billing up rapidly -- we eschew these tactics unless absolutely necessary for our clients well being.

4) We're about: Wisdom -- Ethics -- Honesty -- Affordability & Results.

At Ziering & Weiss -- you, our client, comes first!

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